Needs-based packaging items and portion packets are in fashion. Demographic developments, changing societal and family structures, lifestyle and convenience are just a few factors that have an effect on the packaging trends of foodstuffs. The demand for small, single-dose items is constantly rising: Packaging convenience, product freshness, hygiene and price are at the forefront. The small thermoformed portion packets and sachets offer many benefits in comparison to glass or plastic bottles with screw caps. The packets with simple snap opening can be emptied cleanly, simply and hygienically and are best-suited for liquids and semi-liquids.

We will take on the contract filling and packaging of your

dressings, sauces, ketchup, mayonnaise, marinades, oils, olive oil, vinegar, balsamic, barbecue blends, spice oils, honey, maple syrup, water enhancer, liquid food and beverage concentrates, flavourings, energy drinks and gels, dietary supplements, liquid sugar, sweeteners, flavouring agents, chocolate, marmalades, baking and cooking and lots more.

The possibilities are endless.

It is also entirely possible for the packets to come as part of a multipack with various individual products in one overall package (e.g. vinegar and oils as a pre-portioned salad dressing) or even multiple flavours in one item. Our filling process also makes it possible to keep two different components separate in one packet and then to only bring them together right before use. A dual-element packet is composed of two chambers, which administer both elements separately in liquid or semi-liquid form. The components are mixed only once the packet is opened and once one of the filling chambers is pressed.

Thermoformed portion packets offer the great advantage of it being possible to mould every imaginable shape and style of packaging freely. With the multi-faceted options in the world of food and drink, we support you during every important step:

  • The development of functional and hygienic small packets
  • Composite packaging and multipacks
  • Product design and tool building
  • Rapid prototyping, sample manufacturing
  • Choice of film and specifications
  • Film printing
  • Artwork, print and layout
  • Labelling, label layout and printing
  • Batch, lot, shelf life, coding and identification
  • MAP packaging
  • Sample manufacturing
  • Stability test and long-term studies
  • Migration tests
  • Folding boxes, trays and promotional cards
  • Product handling, intermediate bulk containers (IBC)
  • Logistics

Manufacturing is designed by scaling according to the required capacity, so that we can cover the whole range of options from pilot production, sampling and small-scale production, all the way through to large-scale production of batches with numbers in the millions.