At GH in Germany, we run state-of-the-art filling facilities and pursue a direct focus on the manufacture of single-dose items and small individual portion packets for liquid and semi-liquid products. Our machinery includes automatic vertical thermoforming machines that can fill single-serving packets on a 24/7 basis. We also cover a wide range of services from pilot production, sampling and small-scale production all the way through to large-scale production of batches with numbers in the millions.

For the manufacture of snap-sachet portion packets and sealed bags that can be opened with just one hand, we operate monodose filling systems, which are unique in Germany.

Thermal transfer printers, Inkjet coders, label machines, metal detectors, belt scales and inert gas packaging equipment are all integrated in the filling and packaging process, and come into use depending on requirement.

Varying batch sizes, regular format changes, unusual or complex packaging designs, the handling of the products and a reliable quality check are all factors that require innovative technologies, project experience and skill. GH has all this and more!